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We pride ourselves on our forward thinking and innovation that is why we take great pride in all the awards we have won. In 2013 our revolutionary Perfect White Toothpaste won a highly commended award at the MyFaceMyBody awards. These awards are targeted at brands who excel creatively and in providing high quality customer service. They are awarded at prestigious international ceremonies in England, China, America and Australia. A mixture of judges and consumers picked us for the award ahead of competitors like Colgate and Sensodyne
Image of MyFaceMyBody Awards 2013 logoOur success continued to grow when in 2014 we were highly commended in OK magazines 2014 Beauty Awards in the Best Oral Care Product section. We beat brands such as Crest Mendatent and Aquafresh with our innovative Perfect White Black toothpaste. We were the first brand to release charcoal toothpaste in Britain, and since then we have been the only charcoal specialists in the U.K.logo of Beauty Awards Our commitment to innovation was again shown in 2016 when we won the Grocer new product awards for our perfect White Black Mouthwash. These awards celebrate outstanding innovation in the UK’s fast-moving consumer goods sector. We beat leading brands such as Aquafresh, Dove and Sure, to this elite award in London.

certificate of BHF winning the Grocer awards

We recently won the 2017 Pure Beauty Awards for best new oral care product with our Professional White Precious Pearl toothpaste. Our unique formula beat an incredible 17 other shortlisted competitors such as Boots, Jason, Primark and Sonicare. We won because of our innovative reminiarlising serum which helps restore the enamel of the teeth, a team of expert judges decide the winner.

image of Pure Beauty Awards 2017 winners logo



3 Responses to "AWARDS"

  • Geraldine Byrne
    August 24, 2014 - 4:53 pm Reply

    Love this I will vote for you. Can I have a free black toothpaste please regards Geraldine x

  • Fiona Smyth
    August 24, 2014 - 5:43 pm Reply

    I am using Perfect White Black at the moment and I find it great for the stains on my teeth.

  • Linda Keene
    April 25, 2016 - 3:52 pm Reply

    Hi there,

    I am a BIG fan of the Beverly Hills Formula products and used to travel all over to get my favourite paste. For years I could only get one type.

    I know it would mean a lot of change, but might I suggest you introduce a flip top lid. It can be opened and applied to the brush much easier. So a good ad would be flip – squeeze – close with ease. I know from other tubes who have this that is also helps less dextrose people.

    I brush my teeth when in the shower and it gets fiddly, Where to put the lid while squeezing? I then have to juggle the brush and tube to put the top back on. The upside for your company is the paste falls off the brush and I have to start again.

    I think this may be a good selling point as well as extremely useful.



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