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Enamel is notoriously strong and difficult to repair, it coats the outside of the teeth keeping them safe. Weakened enamel makes people suffer from sensitivity at the start but if untreated painful infections and tooth loss can occur. Even without these physical discomforts, a lack of enamel can make your teeth appear translucent dull or even waxy. Everything that’s precious needs a protector and without enamel your valuable teeth are easily eroded, so how can you give your teeth the best possible chance?

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To find out how to help your teeth and repair enamel we first have to know what damages it? If too much plaque builds up in your mouth the bacteria in plague changes starchy foods into acids. This acid then begins slowly burning away the protectors of your teeth, the enamel. The healthy minerals get depleted and pits begin to form, over time the pits grow and eventually they start to wear down the teeth themselves. The enamel is damaged if you see discolouration, Cracks or chips, indentations appearing on your teeth or severe painful sensitivity. So what can you do to stop this?

Drinking more water is a quick and easy way to lower the acidity in your mouth. Another obvious method is simply to eat and drink less acidic foods but if you must, try drinking them out of a straw. Finally chewing sugar-free gum also has beneficial effects as it keeps your saliva moving around your mouth and gives acid less chance to settle on the teeth.

The methods above don’t repair enamel but do limit its erosion. We at Beverly Hills Formula, however, have just developed a new serum that does, tooth with a shield protecting itin fact, repair enamel. Our Precious Pearl remineralising serum forms a protective layer around the teeth repairing micro lesions and strengthening the enamel to help teeth appear smoother and brighter all day. We add naturally occurring hydroxyapatite which is the main ingredient in the enamel of the teeth and this helps rebuild the enamel. Imagine your teeth like a wall with holes and scratches in it, our serum acts like a filler getting in between the cracks and filling them in with hydroxyapatite. This not only restores the enamel but also whitens the teeth, and unlike other whitening toothpaste, we add hydrated silica which is a weak abrasive and so protects your teeth.

Our precious pearl won the 2017 Beauty Awards best new oral care product, and is available at all major retailers in the U.K. and Ireland as well as in over 30 other countries. For more details on what shops sell our product please check out our where to buy to buy section on our website