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Our primary goal with this range was to offer you professional results from the comfort of your own home, our Pearl Whitening kits give you all the tools you need to achieve this. The 2 in 1 whitening kit is fast acting and offers long-term results, as you can supplement the immediate whitening from the strips with our innovative pen. The strips offer professional dental whitening, while the pen gives an express touch up service to help maintain that look. Pearl Whitening kits gives you the white smile you were born to have by removing the external stains on your teeth, allowing your teeth’s natural colouration to come to the fore.

  • 5 Simple and easy to use instructions that only take 30 minutes
  • Innovative pen containing hydrogen peroxide, a chemical lightening agent that removes the build-up of plaque, also the core ingredient used by dentists to whiten teeth
  • Hydrogen peroxide used in safe doses also possesses antimicrobial properties that can benefit those afflicted with oral ailments like plaque, gingivitis, and bleeding gums
  • Menthol is added to the strips and pen to give them an appealing peppermint taste

Professional Brilliant Pearl Whitening kit