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Our premium Fresh Pearl Mouthwash was created to give your teeth that same fresh look and feel of a pearl. Clinically designed to deliver excellent stain removal results as well as antibacterial action. It’s easy to use formula helps guards against gum disease, fights plaque and protects the enamel of the teeth. Fresh pearl mouthwash whitens teeth effectively, however for best results try it with our Black Pearl toothpaste or Precious Pearl toothpaste

  • Chlorhexidine is added which is a compound that helps to reduce gum inflammation as well as mouth sores, this is used by dentists to whiten teeth
  • Keeps enamel safe and helps prevent cavities
  • Neutralizes the pH balance in the mouth and protects against acid attacks
  • Xylitol which is naturally present in the saliva is a clinically proven agent that helps fight plaque and bad breath, with some studies showing that it replaces the minerals in tooth enamel

Fresh Pearl Mouthwash upright