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Myths vs. Truths

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There are many misunderstanding surrounding whitening toothpastes. We tackle the common patient misconceptions to help you confidently recommend the most suitable choice for your patients..

Although teeth whitening has become one of the most sought after cosmetic dental treatments requested by patients, not all will want to “splash their cash” on these expensive treatments, but, by the same token, they are also dubious about whitening toothpastes:


  • “Whitening toothpastes are in-effective”

In late 2012, whitening toothpaste came under scrutiny when Arm & Hammer’s Advanced Whitening toothpaste advertisements were banned after it emerged that 43 per cent of users, during a four-week trial, either saw no improvement or were left with darker teeth (1). By association, many patients assume that all whitening toothpastes do not live up to their claims.

Contrary to this, it’s important that the effective toothpastes available, which are clinically proven to work, are brought to your patients’ attention. These products should contain ingredients such as the stain-dissolving agent, Pentasodium Triphosphate and anti-tartar ingredient, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate.

Pentasodium Triphosphate can remove deep surface stains as part of a daily oral care regime to brighten, lighten and whiten teeth. It also prevents food particles settling on the teeth, effectively keeping teeth whiter for longer. For extra stain removal, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate coats the surface of the teeth to prevent bacteria forming, leaving teeth feeling and appearing brighter all day.


Blue Tube and Carton

  • Whitening toothpastes use harsh abrasives to remove stains”

There is a misconception that to remove dental stains caused by smoking and some foods and drinks, patients need to resort to products that contain harsh abrasives. This is not the case.

Recommend patients use whitening toothpastes that contain Hydrated Silica. This low abrasive polishing ingredient, which is frequently combined with the softer calcium carbonate to provide a smooth gel-like quality, works hard to remove plaque and stains and whiten the teeth. It has no distinctive taste or odour and may also be labelled as amorphous silicon dioxide, silicic acid, or silica gel. This mild abrasive is harmless and is even listed by the US Food and Drug Administrative as “Generally Recognised as Safe”.

  • “I suffer from sensitivity so whitening toothpastes are not for me”

Teeth sensitivity is a common dental problem and there are many brands of toothpastes that claim to treat sensitivity. However, recommend patients to use toothpaste that contains Potassium Nitrate. This desensitising agent relives tooth sensitivity by effectively blocking the transmission of pain sensation between the nerve cells that enable cold and hot sensations to reach the tooth’s nerves. There are toothpastes available that combine Hydrated Silica for high performance whitening and Potassium Nitrate for rapid sensitivity action.

Pink Tube and Carton


  • “I tend to suffer from bad breath occasionally so whitening toothpaste wouldn’t be my main concern”

Bad breath is a very common concern and can impact on self-confidence, image and health. Many enjoyable foods and beverages, for example onions, garlic and coffee can cause bad breath affecting ones day to day routine. Activated charcoal has the ability to remove impurities and bacteria and toothpaste containing this ingredient can benefit your patients’ daily confidence and over all oral health.

Patients complaining of bad breath, the recommendation of this ingredient, an age old whitener, can help safely eliminate odour causing bacteria whilst maintaining the mouths natural balance. In addition to this, charcoal is known to remove impurities while safely dissolving stains.



Addressing concerns

Beverly Hills Formula offers an entire range of products to address all these patient concerns. Low in abrasion, Perfect White toothpaste contains Hydrated Silica; stain dissolving agent, Pentasodium Triphosphate; and anti-tarter ingredient, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate. For extra stain removal, this toothpaste can be left on the teeth for up to one minute before brushing.

And for patients who suffer from sensitivity, but long for that gleaming Hollywood Smile, Perfect White Sensitive is the toothpaste of choice as it contains desensitising agent, Potassium Nitrate.



Boasting an innovative formulation, Perfect White Black contains activated charcoal along with the stain dissolving ingredients in Perfect White to provide a solution for patients looking to combat bad breath whilst also dissolving surface stains.

Ultimately, Beverly Hills Formula’s range of whitening toothpastes offers patients an affordable way to restore the natural whiteness of their teeth by removing stains from the tooth surface, whilst providing that all-important, long-lasting protection.



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