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The charcoal specialists bring you another superb whitening product, and this one at a more affordable price. Charcoal is increasingly being adopted as a beauty product due to its antibacterial and plaque fighting abilities. This means charcoal not only whitens teeth but also effectively combats the causes of bad breath and doesn’t simply mask it. Our goal with natural white activated charcoal was to create a product that had effective whitening agent activated charcoal but was still affordable


  • Xylitol and triclosan are a plaque-fighting duo that removes plaque and bad breath while not being abrasive towards your teeth
  • Activated Charcoal helps eliminate bacteria causing bad breath and neutralises remaining odours, leaving your breath fresh all day long.
  • In addition to its antibacterial properties, Activated Charcoal removes tannins from the surface of your teeth, these are stains caused by products such as coffee, wine and cigarettes, allowing you to keep that Beverly Hills Smile
  • Invigorating double mint flavour guaranteeing an enjoyable taste while brushing

Natural White carton