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Trust the charcoal specialists when it comes to whitening products. We were the first company in Britain to include charcoal into our toothpaste, and now we are the first to make an affordable yet effective mouthwash with charcoal. Natural White Mouthwash was scientifically designed to combat bad breath as well as remove stains.


  • added Tetrasodium pyrophosphate which coats the surface of teeth preventing the build-up of bacteria leaving teeth feeling and looking fresher all day
  • Alcohol is added which combats bad breath and also reduces plaque and gingivitis
  • Charcoals antibacterial properties help eliminate bacteria that cause bad breath and neutralise remaining odours, leaving breath feeling fresh all day
  • The activated charcoal also breaks down tannins, which are compounds found in coffee wine and cigarettes that increases a stains ability to hold onto your teeth

Natural White Mouthwash standing