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Often those of us with sensitive teeth have to be picky and are forced into a choice of comfort over whitening results. We at Beverly Hills decided to bypasses that tough choice by giving you both, our time-proven sensitivity formula combined with our most effective whitening tool, charcoal. Effective and easy to use, never have to make the difficult choice of comfort over style again.


  • Formulated with Hydroxyapatite known for re-mineralization and repairing the enamel
  • Contains Activated Charcoal essential in removing bad breath and stain removal
  • Coats the teeth for long-term anti-tartar and antibacterial action to prevent future plaque build-ups
  • No need for harsh abrasives or chemicals due to the charcoal and hydroxyapatite’s powerful effects


  • Julie from Julie’s Notebook blog commented that since using Perfect White Sensitive she hasn’t “once gone “ouch” whilst pulling strange faces like on sensitive toothpaste TV adverts”.
  • LincsGeek from Splodz Blogz tried our Perfect White Sensitive whitening toothpaste and commented that he found it did “work well”.



Perfect White Black Sensitive