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PERFECT WHITE BLACK sideways tube and carton

Black is the new white when it comes to teeth whitening!


  • Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Black toothpaste is our latest revolutionary whitening toothpaste that delivers professional tooth whitening results to help you achieve that all important “Hollywood smile” without the need for harsh abrasives and bleach.
  • Perfect White Black’s secret beauty weapon is the advanced ingredient activated charcoal, which is proven to be one of the most effective and safest teeth whitener ingredients.
  • Perfect White Black is scientifically formulated with Activated Charcoal which helps eliminate bacteria causing bad breath and neutralises remaining odours, leaving your breath feeling fresh all day long.
  • Activated Charcoal is also known for its love of tannins – compounds found in coffee, tea, wine, berries and spices, all of which stain your teeth; the Activated Charcoal helps remove tannins from the surface of your teeth without harming the enamel.
  • The Hydrated Silica combined with the Activated Charcoal offers high-performance whitening boost that makes toothpaste safe for daily use.
  • Sodium Fluoride within Perfect White Black (0.31% w/w 1400ppmF) keeps your tooth enamel strong and healthy, effectively helps prevent caries and decay, and protects against acid attacks.
  • Perfect White Black toothpaste is available in 100ml and 125ml sizes.

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  • Beauty Couture, Irish online store and e-zine, reviewed Perfect White Black and said that the toothpaste did work wonders on the old choppers and left my mouth feeling uber clean.
  • The Scosh Girls blog found thatafter having a naughty curry and a glass of wine the other night I could see a huge difference when I used this! and that this taste itself is not too minty but it leaves you feeling very fresh for most of the day 🙂 as well as making sure your teeth look white and sparkly, you HAVE to make sure your toothpaste is looking after your teeth” and they would definitely recommend using this product.
  • With features in Dare Magazine, mybeaut.ie, and Irish Daily Mail describing ‘black is the new white when it comes to tooth whitening.’ and when they tried and testing our toothpaste they said that ‘it tastes like spearmint and left our mouths feeling much cleaner.’ Perfect White Black has been creating a real buzz within the industry.
  • Perfect White Black toothpaste was also highly commended for the prestigious Beauty Magazine Awards

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