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Pearls have been valued for their allure and elegance for Millenia. The Chinese used them to beautify themselves by rubbing them onto their skin, Medieval knights used them for protection believing they kept them safe on the battlefield, while Cleopatra of Egypt once crushed them into wine in an attempt to throw the most expensive dinner party of all time.

Pearls have had many different purposes in history, but people from every culture and time period have recognised their inherent beauty. We at Beverly Hills Formula value your teeth like pearls and believe they should receive the same care and treatment. That is why we released our new professional white range for people who value their teeth as much as we do. Our goal behind this range was to give you professional whitening results from the comfort of your own home. We achieved this by researching dental practices and incorporating their techniques and ingredients into our products. Our specialised range caters to all needs, from those with sensitive teeth, weakened enamel or even those who need an immediate whitening boost.

All our professional range products side by side