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Iconic Whitening Brand Launches New Professional Range

Iconic Whitening Brand Launches New Professional WhiteRange

New Professional White Range including black pearl, pink pearl, precious pearl and fresh pearl

Beverly Hills Formula’s Professional White range offers a brand new advanced formula for superior whitening results using clinically proven ingredients to help remove surface and deep stains without harming the enamel.

Oral hygiene experts, Beverly Hills Formula, have been working on the ground-breaking new whitening formulation for over two years and it’s currently only available in the UK, but soon to be rolled out throughout the Middle East and Europe.

The new range includes Black Pearl whitening toothpaste, Pink Pearl Sensitive whitening toothpaste, Precious Pearl Enamel Remineralising Serum and Fresh Pearl mouthwash.

Black Pearl works by using Activated Charcoal combined with professional whitening ingredient Phthalimido-Peroxy-Caproic Acid (PAP) to help remove surface and deep stains without harming the enamel and is safe for daily use.

Pink Pearl Sensitive contains Hydroxyapatite and Potassium Nitrate to provide rapid sensitivity action. Precious Pearl Enamel remineralising toothpaste also contains Hydroxyapatite, scientifically proven to form new protective layers, making teeth smoother and brighter by repairing micro-lesions and strengthening the enamel.

Fresh Pearl mouthwash contains chlorhexidine and xylitol to combat bad breath and neutralises the pH balance in the mouth to protect against acid attacks and plaque and keeps enamel strong to help prevent cavities. In addition, Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate and Tetrapotassium Pyrophosphate help restore the colour of your teeth enamel to a natural white colour.

In addition to the toothpaste and mouthwash will be a Professional Whitening kit, consisting of strips and a whitening pen, to be used together to help people achieve a whiter smile, safely and easily in their own home.

Chris Dodd, CEO of Beverly Hills Formula which has been established for over 20 years, said: “We are very excited about our new Professional White range which has taken over two years in development, but it’s been well worth it because we believe we’ve created the best teeth whitening products which aren’t harmful to enamel and are aimed at consumers who expect superior results from a whitening toothpaste.”

The new Professional White products were showcased to worldwide industry experts and dental professionals at the International Dental Conference and Arab Dental Exhibition in Dubai in February.

Dr Martin Kinsella, dentist and doctor who owns Re-Enhance cosmetic clinics in the UK and Majorca, said: “Beverly Hills Formula offer of a range of products ideal for a variety of oral hygiene concerns including bad breath, teeth whitening and sensitivity. As a dual qualified dentist and doctor, I would recommend Beverly Hills Formula products to all my patients.”

Now available to buy at superdrug

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