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The teeth whitening market has become one of the fastest growing within dentistry and this has been reflected in the development and sales of teeth whitening products.

People are now increasingly aware that removing stains caused by tea, coffee, tobacco, red wine and spicy foods, no longer requires costly teeth whitening treatments, harsh acids or home bleaching kits, but instead can be resolved using cost-effective whitening toothpastes.  Additionally, people are more educated than ever before on the importance of maintaining their oral care in the home and the products available to achieve this.

One of the more common debates of whitening products is the length of time they take to whiten teeth, consequently a lot of whitening toothpastes were developed in the last decade and required testing for their stain removal potential.

An in vitro laboratory method to measure stain removal was performed by the leading Dental School in the UK with the aim to decipher how effective various toothpastes were at removing dietary stains from Perspex (material imitating human teeth) compared to water.

The assessment involved obtaining stimulated saliva from 2 volunteers who had not eaten or drank anything other than water for 2 hours, with approximately 100ml used for the 10 staining cycles (10/15ml per cycle). All Perspex samples were immersed in human saliva for 2 minutes, 20ml 0.2% Chlorhexidine based mouthwash for 2 minutes and then 10ml tea solution for 60 minutes, before being removed and rinsed in distilled water.  Toothpaste slurry was prepared by mixing a ratio of 3g toothpaste: 10ml distilled water for each cycle.

Fresh saliva proceeded to be collected from a single source and the tea and Chlorhexidine solutions changed after each staining cycle. Perspex blocks were measured before and after immersion in toothpaste slurries for periods of between 1 and 5 minutes and the percentage stain removal calculated.


The laboratory tests show that there were stain removal from stained Perspex blocks after 1 minute.  Of the products tested, Beverly Hills Formula Natural Whitening Expert toothpaste proved more effective at removing stains when compared with other leading brands of whitening toothpastes and toothpolishes, with over 91% of stains removed over a 5 minute period.

Other products within the range also scored exceptionally well with Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White (coded as “PLMO/1×1158 Stain Removal” in the study) toothpaste removing nearly 91% of stains and Beverly Hills Formula Dentists’ Choice Gum & Whitening Expert toothpaste removing over 88%. Meanwhile, other leading brands of whitening toothpastes and toothpolishes scored as low as 41%, a remarkably low percentage considering water alone removes 48% of staining!

These latest results confirm that more people can now restore their teeth to a natural, white colour, quickly and effectively, simply by using the trusted brand of Beverly Hills Formula Whitening toothpastes.


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