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Chris Dodd oral hygiene expert and CEO of Beverly Hills Formula gives his advice on the people with the worst oral care. Younger people Chris believes tend to be at the most risk when it comes to the state of their teeth because many of them are drinking fizzy drinks which causes acid erosion of the enamel. 

Any carbonated drinks, even ones with no added sugar are damaging to teeth because of the carbon dioxide from the bubbles which forms carbonic acid. People who have ever dropped a coin into a fizzy drink perhaps think it is stripped back because of the sugars, but it’s actually the bubbles in the drinks which causes the damage. Even if it’s sparkling mineral water.

Chris’s advises that children drink through a straw as a possible alternative but ideally should still avoid any drinks containing added sugar. Proper oral care for kids it tough but getting them into the right habits is the most important thing, try to give them milk or water as an alternative, or insisting they use a straw which is better for their teeth. Foods high in sugar should be avoided and all carbohydrates are bad for teeth as the enzymes in them break down into sugar. Fruits contain natural sugars which aren’t as bad for teeth, another good snack is cheese because it actually neutralises the PH level in the mouth.

There is also a growing problem with children and young people who are constantly snacking and parents who allow them to eat too many sweets, chocolate and drink fizzy drinks. Along with the growing obesity epidemic, dental issues are on the rise because of a poor diet and inconsistent oral hygiene routine. 

When it comes to diet the best tip for looking after your teeth is to stick to three main meals and just two snacks. Dieticians advise that it’s better to eat smaller and more often, but that is actually ruining your teeth explained Chris. So grazing is not advisable because you are increasing the exposure and potentially causing more acid erosion of the enamel.

If parents are really worried oral care for kids they can let them use adult toothpaste which contains more fluoride, but only a pea-sized amount. Children should be monitored when brushing their teeth to ensure they don’t use too much toothpaste and that they brush their teeth for at least two minutes. It’s often a good idea for parents could brush their own teeth with them so they learn how to do so thoroughly.

Another one of Chris’s tips is to use the right toothpaste and when possible use mouthwash after meals or snacks. Beverly Hills Formula offers a range of teeth whitening products and award-winning mouthwash which have low abrasion and offer high stain removal with the use of activated charcoal. Charcoal has recently been incorporated in many personal care products including toothpaste. Charcoal is, in fact, a centuries-old method used for cleaning teeth and goes back to the time of the Red Indians, as it’s believed they used to rub the charcoal from fires on their teeth.

The last tip we have is especially for those of us with sensitive teeth. Try applying some Beverly Hills Formula sensitive toothpaste onto your teeth and leaving it there for about thirty minutes. This writer finds it particularly effective as it allows fluoride to gather on the teeth and stop plaque build-ups. Be careful though this won’t work with all toothpaste, make sure you use Beverly Hills Formula’s sensitive toothpaste or another toothpaste with potassium nitrate.



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