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Perfect White

The new look Perfect White luxury range of toothpastes, mouthwashes and whitening kits is formulated to effectively and gently remove stains to whiten teeth, for a Perfect White smile. The formulations are individually formulated with active ingredients (including real gold) to create the ultimate teeth brightening effect.

Professional White

This premium Professional White range of products containing professional oral care ingredients, including Pearl Powder. Scientifically tested, this range will care for your teeth and deliver whitening results for a perfect, bright white smile!

Natural White

The Beverly Hills Formula Natural White Range is designed for whiter results with low abrasion. This range of toothpastes helps to speedily and cost-effectively remove more than 90% of tooth stains, leaving you with brighter teeth in just one minute, whilst also providing all you need to prevent tooth decay, tartar build up and bad breath.

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