Beverly Hills Formula

Teeth Whitening Science

High Stain Removal

Beverly Hills Formula Ranked Percentage Stain removal following 5 minutes of treatment.
Toothpaste stain removal (study conducted by leading British Dental School).

Low Abrasivity

Toothpaste abrasivity-certificate of analysis.

Review by Dr Martin Kinsella


EXTRA brushing of teeth could help protect people against Covid, a dentistry professor has claimed, as he called for it to be promoted alongside hand washing. Martin Addy, from the University of Bristol, says antibacterial agents in toothpaste can help to stop the virus in its tracks if it is inhaled through the mouth. Prof Addy said: “Toothpaste contains the same detergents as those found in hand wash gels recommended. “Indeed, the antimicrobial action of toothpaste in the mouth persists for three to five hours and, thereby, would reduce the viral load in saliva or infection by viruses entering the mouth.”   Prof Addy said he believed people should brush their teeth every time they leave their homes an that extra cleaning should be recommended by the NHS. He said: “For the vast majority, the timing of tooth brushing should be focused when they are about to go out of their homes for exercise or shopping.   “Ideally, tooth brushing frequency should be increased.”   By Daily Telegraph reporter, Monday 19th October 2020

COVID- 19: Mouthwash can kill Coronavirus within 30 seconds study finds...

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