New for 2020 - A Superior Mouthwash Range

At Beverly Hills Formula we have three amazing new mouthwash products for 2020.

Perfect White Black Mouthwash

So how does a ‘black’ mouthwash fit with a whiter teeth proposition? By including activated charcoal and pyrophosphates, that’s how. This amazing ‘shake to activate’ scientific formula contains pyrophosphates to help remove surface stains and discolouration from the teeth whilst the activated charcoal (hence the ‘black’) helps to eliminate the bacteria that cause bad breath, meaning you have lasting fresh breath to back up your winning smile.

Perfect White Gold Mouthwash

If it’s the gold standard in oral hygiene you require, look no further than our Perfect White Gold mouthwash, as it actually contains gold particles! Why? Because, believe it or not, gold is renowned for its anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and blood flow regulating properties. Properties that make it the perfect addition to our new, highly advanced ‘shake to activate’ formula that moisturises and soothes the gums whilst also eliminating bad breath. In addition, there’s pyrophosphates to help to remove both surface and deep stains and even hyaluronic acid that assists gum tissue regeneration and protection. You definitely can’t go wrong with gold!

Germ Protection Mouthwash

This great new, all-round germ protector mouthwash formulation containing both Fluoride and Chlorhexidine carefully keeps your mouth free from germs and harmful bacteria while providing an exceptional 12 hours of lasting freshness. It’s an oral care ‘no-brainer’ designed to protect all areas of your mouth - keeping teeth healthy, preventing decay by fighting plaque the major cause of tartar, promoting enamel remineralization, delivering fresh breath by neutralising mouth odours and providing all-important protection from germs.

Go on, take a gargle, there’s plenty of good reasons to wash your mouth out!