Taking Teeth Whitening To The Next Level

The new generation of teeth whitening products from Beverley Hills Formula promise to re-write the book when it comes to creating the perfect smile 

There are plenty of teeth whitening products now on the market but how do you differentiate between the different product propositions on offer and how do you know which ones are the best, both in terms of teeth whitening, but also in terms of caring for your teeth and gums?

Well, we believe a good start would be to rely upon independent scientific research undertaken by dental experts. This is the only sure-fire way to provide consumers with the performance proof they require to make a considered product purchase.

At Beverley Hills Formula our No1 focus is on creating ever more practical and ever more effective teeth whitening products, whilst also caring for teeth and promoting good oral hygiene – it’s been our healthy obsession for over 25 years and we’re proud of the huge effort and investment we have made in new product development and teeth whitening science and research. This is why we are confident that our specialist products will always do well when it comes to independent testing and we are delighted to consistently outperform our competitors in the teeth whitening market.

Teeth Whitening Science

Check out the chart below. It details the results of extensive independent research undertaken by a world-leading British dental school. Guess what? When it comes to the opinion of the dental experts, these results prove that in terms of stain removal, the four Beverly Hills Formula toothpaste products they tested all out-performed the rest of the other teeth whitening toothpastes on the market. The test covered 11 other products including many big brand name, heavy advertising spend, household names, which goes to prove that however bold and bright your teeth whitening claims are, you cannot hide away from the findings of independent research. 

But it’s not all about teeth whitening. There has also been a lot of concern in dental circles about the possible negative effects of using whitening products on the teeth. A major worry is that teeth whitening toothpastes may be too abrasive – potentially damaging or degrading the healthy enamel that protects the tooth. You get whiter teeth but damage your teeth in the process. 

On the chart that follows you can clearly see that the three Beverly Hills Formula products tested by independent dental scientists have been found to be the least abrasive to teeth. And it is this combination of high whitening power combined with low abrasion that makes Beverly Hills Formula teeth whitening products so special.

Here at Beverly Hills Formula we take our science very seriously and believe that continual independent testing is a sure way to verify the hard work we put into the research and development behind each of our new and existing teeth whitening products.

New Toothpastes Dropping In 2020


For 2020 we have some exciting new professional-grade teeth whitening products launching that we think you’ll love.

First up there’s Advanced Black Pearl whitening toothpaste. This amazing black coloured formulation contains activated charcoal, a teeth whitening wonder-ingredient that also helps eliminate the bacteria that cause bad breath and other odours. As with other Beverly Hills Formula toothpastes, it includes a number of professional whitening agents that remove both surface and more deep-rooted stains without harming the protective enamel. This new formulation has been extensively tested like all other Beverly Hills Formula products and we are delighted with its proven stain removal abilities as well as strong anti-bacterial action. We think you’ll find it another teeth whitening wonder product to join our line-up.

Then we have Advanced Silver whitening toothpaste. This contains our uniquely formulated triple action combination of activated charcoal, real silver and professional whitening ingredients to provide powerful stain removal and next generation whitening results. For the care and protection of your mouth and gums this toothpaste also contains fluoride. This, as we all know, helps protect against tooth decay as well as providing effective antibacterial protection. For an extra added level of oral hygiene, we have also included hyaluronic acid which soothes, moisturises and cares for your gums. Silver never looked so good!

Introducing Whitening Kits

Our new Whitening Kits are the perfect teeth whitening accessory for occasional use. Compact and easy to use they are perfect for whitening at home, on the go or for when travelling. There are two kits to choose from. Our 2-in-1 Whitening Kit or Perfect White Whitening Kit. 

Our 2-in-1 Whitening Kit includes the dynamic duo of transparent and flexible teeth whitening strips (that are coated with a highly effective whitening gel) plus a special Whitening Pen for touch ups. Containing safe levels of key ingredient hydrogen peroxide, this professional-grade combo can deliver teeth that are immediately up to an astonishing 6 shades lighter. To use the strips, simply apply to upper and lower teeth and leave on for just 30 minutes, as the formulation rapidly removes stains and delivers you a whiter, brighter smile.

Our Perfect White Whitening Kit also combines whitening strips (32 in total for a full set of teeth) and a handy touch-up pen. Its active whitening ingredients are activated charcoal and PAP, whilst the addition of coconut oil with its known antibacterial properties helps to reduce plaque and harmful bacteria. Safe and easy to apply, this handy product delivers guaranteed professional results. 

What’s more each kit is free from microbeads, parabens, lactose, gluten or animal products so you can enjoy a conscience-free teeth whitening experience.

So what are you waiting for? The world of healthy, whiter teeth awaits…