A Twenty Five Year Teeth Whitening Odyssey

Perfecting the perfect smile doesn’t come easy – but Beverly Hills Formula products have worked hard over the past two decades to ensure they keep delivering best in class teeth whitening performance…

At Beverly Hills Formula we only have one thing on our minds and that is how to deliver the safest, most effective, most easy to use teeth whitening products for home use. With us it’s a real obsession and what’s more, it’s an obsession we’ve had for over 25 years!

Our Lightbulb Moment

Back in the dark, distant days of the early 90’s, effective teeth whitening was most often the preserve of cosmetic dentistry – which entailed hard hours in the dentist’s chair paired with long nights with teeth and gums dowsed in unpleasant, bleach-like formulations whilst your purse took a pounding to the tune of hundreds of £’s. Whilst there were at the time a few over the counter teeth whitening products for home use, these tended to be extremely damaging to teeth and gums. It was clear to us, as health and beauty professionals, that demand for a perfect white smile was increasing and that teeth whitening was a massive potential growth market – it simply didn’t have the right outlet. 

Which is where Beverly Hills Formula, fits in. Our simple idea, was to use our team’s scientific and medical background, to set about creating products that would allow people to achieve safe, professional teeth whitening results in the comfort of their own home, products that also supported good oral hygiene and care – something which had not been seen before.

We first opened in Ireland in 1992, and our single aim of whitening and brightening our customers’ smiles, has remained our No1 focus ever since. It is this dedication, combined with considerable on-going investment into new and improved product research and development, together with second to none experience, which has enabled us to take this market by storm. We have managed to dominate the teeth whitening space off the back of the launch of a series of revolutionary teeth whitening products for home use. These set us apart from the other brands in the market and mean Beverly Hills Formula is the acknowledged leader in home teeth whitening solutions – delivering professional results in the comfort of your own home. 

Little did we realise when we launched our first product in 1993 that what would follow would be a timeline of continual product innovation. And a winning product line-up popular with consumers, the media, and retailers alike both in the UK and Ireland and also around the world. Not to mention a cabinet full of industry awards for product innovation!

A Timeline Of Continual Product Innovation

1993 – The launch of our first product - Total Protection Whitening. 

This product formed part of the Natural White Range which enjoyed massive success over a twenty year period.

2012 – The Launch of our Perfect White range including Perfect White Black.

Our Perfect White range included a number of game-changing innovations including the addition of activated charcoal to our Perfect White Black product. We realised that a love of staining tannins meant activated charcoal was the ideal ingredient to add to teeth whitening products. And it has since been clinically proven to be one of the most effective teeth whitening ingredients available today. What’s more, activated charcoal comes with the added benefit of eliminating the bacteria that cause nasty bad breath.

Another product innovation in this range was our use of real gold in our Perfect White Gold toothpaste. Gold is known for its anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties and in combination with our non-abrasive stain removal power, this product has become one of our most popular.

2017 – Launch of Professional White Range

The Professional White Range, has been steadily making waves across the globe since its launch just three years ago. Dental experts have been particularly appreciative of this range, impressed by its exceptional whitening and cleaning abilities.

The range line up now consists of The Professional White Range Black Pearl Whitening Toothpaste, Pink Pearl Sensitive Toothpaste, the award-winning Precious Pearl Enamel re-mineralising toothpaste and Fresh Pearl Mouthwash. The range has been scientifically formulated with Hydroxyapatite which has been proven to form new protective layers, giving teeth a smoother and brighter appearance by repairing micro-lesions and strengthening teeth enamel.

New for 2020 – All new Professional White toothpaste products and Whitening Kits

Our advanced Silver Whitening toothpaste contains a uniquely formulated triple action combination of activated charcoal, real silver and professional whitening ingredients to provide powerful stain removal and next generation whitening results.

Whilst our Advanced Black Pearl Whitening toothpaste boasts the benefits of activated charcoal together with professional whitening ingredients to help remove surface and deep stains without harming the enamel. 

We have also launched two amazing teeth whitening kits – our Professional White which combines transparent and flexible strips coated with whitening gel and a whitening pen which is ideal for touch-ups. Plus our Perfect White Black kit comprising rapid whitening strips and pen, utilising professional whitening ingredient PAP and activated charcoal with the added benefit of coconut oil, which helps to reduce plaque build up and help attack harmful bacteria in your mouth. 

2021? Watch this space!

Industry Awards and Accolades

2013 - MyFaceMyBody Awards – Highly Commended
2014 – The Beauty Awards – Best Oral Care Product - Highly Commended
2016 – Grocer New Product Awards - Winner
2017 – The Beauty Awards – Gold Winner

The Future is White!

Beverly Hills Formula continues to innovate new products whilst enjoying year on year growth, as the perfect smile has become every season’s best accessory.