Montana Brown – “My Favourite Oral Healthcare Brand”

What makes Beverly Hills Formula stand out to other oral healthcare brands on the market?

“Beverly Hills Formula is renowned for doing long standing clinical trials to help with product development. I like this as products are researched based. Their products are low abrasive and very very effective. My favourite range is the Perfect White.” 

How do you keep your teeth looking white?

“I use the advanced 2 in 1 whitening kit – which includes a pen and two strips. They’re very easy application and effective.” 

What’s your usual oral care health routine?

“Okay, so I brush my teeth two times a day – sometimes more. I use mouthwash in between brushing. I use Beverly Hills Formula Perfect White Gold toothpaste and then use Perfect White Gold Mouthwash – which is great for getting rid of bad breath and the bacteria in your mouth. If I go to a wedding or a party, I will always use the Perfect White Whitening Kit. The Perfect White Whitening Pen is perfect to keep inside my handbag. “

What are you favourite toothpastes in the newly launched Perfect White range?

“Gold Toothpaste. The toothpaste is easy to incorporate into your daily routine. Brush twice a day – it does what it says on the tin.” 

How has the range helped improve your confidence and smile?

“I personally feel if my smile is bright and white, it makes me feel more confident about smiling in pictures and going out to events in general. “

“I’ve been doing a lot of research on toothpaste brands, and Beverly Hills Formula are a brand I can get behind because their products are research based.”